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Word Cards for R Sounds

Word Cards for R Sounds

If you’ve got students working on “r sounds” who can read, these sound specific word cards are a therapy must. You can have students pick a card and make a sentence with the word, use a stack of them for drill, or use them as stimulus cards for general games. You can also make two sets of them to use in memory matching games.

The cards have the sound and position on them to help with sorting.  You can also print the cards on different colored card stock to make sorting even easier.

Included are:

  • 40 word cards for initial /r/
  • 40 word cards for medial /r/
  • 40 word cards for “ar”
  • 40 word cards for medial “er”
  • 40 word cards for final “er”
  • 40 word cards for “or”
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