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Fall “WH” Question Cards

Fall "WH" Questions

Fall “wh” questions are here! We’ve got them in two formats too, so you can use them with students at different levels!

“Wh” questions with choices

These printable cards have two answer choices for each question and have circles for the students to mark their choices with a dry erase marker, bingo dauber or plastic chip. You can put them on a metal ring to keep them organized and fun to flip through! They also come in an interactive version. For the interactive file, students say their answer and then click on the answer’s circle to see if they are right (i.e., a green circle).


  • Cover cards for each set
  • 16 “What” questions
  • 16 “Where” questions
  • 8 “Who” questions
  • 8 “When” questions
  • 8 “Why” questions

“Wh” questions without choices

These cards have open-ended questions for your students to answer. There can be many right answers, which makes group sessions more interesting, as you can ask the same question to multiple students and get different correct answers.


  • 20 “What” questions
  • 10 “Where” questions
  • 10 “Who” questions
  • 10 “When” questions
  • 10 “Why” questions

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used in teletherapy. This file can only be used in PowerPoint due to limitations in Google Slides. Make sure to use this file in slide show mode.

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