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Subject & Verb Agreement – Thanksgiving Theme

Subject & Verb Agreement - Thanksgiving Theme

Can your students hear if the subject and verb agree in sentences?  Can they fix sentences when the subjects and verbs don’t agree?  You can quickly and easily find out with these materials!

The first printable contains 30 Thanksgiving-themed sentences for you to read to your students.  Some of the sentences are correct and some are not.  Your students let you know if the sentence is correct or incorrect and then fix those sentences that are incorrect.  Instructions for using it and keeping data are included.

The second material is a worksheet for those students working on correcting sentences with subjects and verbs that don’t agree.  The students identify the subject and verb in each sentence and then rewrite the sentence using the correct verb form.

The next two pages give two verb choices for your students to choose from to finish the sentence, which makes it a little easier.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version of the third and fourth pages that can be used in teletherapy. The file can be uploaded to Google Slides or opened in PowerPoint and then shared with the student. In order to drag and drop the pieces, make sure you are in edit mode (NOT presentation mode). If you are using PowerPoint, you’ll need to enable editing.

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