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Super Set For /s/

Super Set for /s/

This set of materials really is what the title says... a SUPER set! Need picture cards? Check. Need sentences? Check. Want some games and activities? It's got those too!  In fact, this super set comes with all of the following…

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Picture Cards For L Sound

Picture Cards for L Sound

No matter what time of year it is, you've got to have some good old picture cards. They're a basic for your tool box. Here are 60 pictures cards (20 for each word position) that you can use all year…

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Picture Cards For CH Sound

Picture Cards for CH Sound

Sometimes you just need some basic, simple picture cards to work on sounds with. Got a great game board but need stimuli? Want to have non-themed pictures that you can pull out and use no matter what season it is?…

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Minimal Contrast Picture Cards For Stopping

Minimal Contrast Picture Cards for Stopping

Helping students discriminate between minimally contrasting words is important when correcting phonological processing disorders.  These minimal contrast pair picture cards can be used when working with children who stop /s/ and produce /t/ instead. There are 8 picture pairs for…

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