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Super Set for R Sounds

Super Set for R Sounds

This set is packed full of awesome activities for vocalic and pre-vocalic r sounds! It’s got just what you need for all of your students…from those working at the word level who need pictures to those ready for sound-loaded sentences, and everything in between!

In fact, this super set comes with all of the following items:

  • Instructions and ideas for use page
  • Picture cards
  • Word cards
  • Game boards
  • Spot it! Say it! pages
  • Sound sentences
  • Practice grids
  • Rebus sentences
  • Scavenger hunt page
  • Connect games
  • Tic Tac Toe boards

You’ll have your sessions planned and ready to go once you print this set out!

Note:  Pages 1-39 are landscape orientation and pages 40-72 are portrait.

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