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Easy Beginning of the School Year Activity

DiceHere is a great and easy activity to do the first session with your students, especially if you are just getting to know them.  The only thing you’ll need is a die and something to write on (e.g., dry erase board, piece of paper) that the students can all see.  Write the numbers one through six vertically.  Next to each number, write a topic such as:  family, sports, school, holiday, hobby/activity, song/musical group, movie/actor, vacation.  The students take turns rolling the die and telling something about the topic for the number they rolled.  For most of the topics, have them tell about their favorite thing in that category.

This is a great way to get to know things about the students that their files won’t tell you.  It also gives you a chance to hear them speak conversationally.  If you can, take notes on a card or page for each student that you can refer to later.

Here’s to a great school year!

Becky Wanca

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