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Penny Toss

Penny TossNeed a fun way to get your clients to produce a lot of responses?  Then give this game a shot.  Besides being a good motivator, it is also:

  • adaptable to any goal
  • fun for big and little kids
  • cheap
  • portable

What you’ll need:

  • pennies (or plastic chips or beans) – enough for each player to have 5-10
  • egg carton or ice cube tray with a number (1-3) written in the bottom of each “cup”

How to play:

The students earn pennies for correct answers or sound productions.  Once each student has had approximately 5-10 chances to earn pennies, it’s tossing time!

Set the carton on the floor against a wall and put down something to mark where the players stand.  Depending on the age of the players, have them stand anywhere from one-four feet away and take turns tossing their pennies into the carton.  A penny only counts if it stays in the carton!  After each player, add up the points earned and collect your pennies.  I can usually fit two to three tossing rounds into a session, depending on the group size and the goals we are addressing.  Reward the winner (with praise or an object) and then start again!

Becky Wanca

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