Home Program Set for SH Sound

Home Program Set for SH SoundAs you wind down the school year or gear up for summer sessions, here is a home program set that makes it easy for you!  There are instructions for you, as well as separate instructions for the caregivers.  The practice materials include:

  • a word of the week chart
  • blank speech practice calendar
  • picture charts for daily practice (initial and final positions)
  • a calendar with four weeks of daily activities
  • picture cards (initial and final positions)
  • a game board with pictures

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One Response to “Home Program Set for SH Sound”

  1. Jayme Humphrey May 21, 2012 at 9:22 pm #

    THANK YOU!!!! This was on my to-do list for tomorrow and you just made my life 5 times easier! Happy Summer!! :)

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