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“Twelve Days of Speech” Activity with Free Printable

12 Days of Christmas Speech ActivityGet loads of repetitions with this silly song activity that’s based on the Christmas favorite The Twelve Days of Christmas.  Have fun with it in your therapy session and then send home the printed page for even more practice.

Fill in the blanks on the free printable with words targeting your students’ sound(s).  You can have the students help generate words or fill the blanks in for them.  The students then practice saying the sentences starting with the first day of speech (e.g., On the first day of speech class, my teacher gave to me, a robin in a red tree).  During the next turn, the students say the sentence for the second day of speech and add the item from the first day of speech to the end.  Each turn adds another day’s items, plus the ones previously named.

A blank activity page is provided for everyone to download and use for free.  Members can also print pages that have the blanks already filled in with words targeting initial /s/, /r/, /l/, and /k/.

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