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Sticky Note Articulation Activity

Sticky Note Articulation ActivityHere’s a simple,  easy-to-prepare activity that makes working on articulation skills hands-on and interactive.  By covering up the target words with sticky notes and adding bonus spaces, a page of words becomes an activity!  You can even use this with a group of students working on different target sounds by making individual pages or by color-coding their words with different colored sticky notes.

What You’ll Need:

  • a piece of paper
  • small sticky notes
  • a pen

Set Up:

  1. Place sticky notes in a grid pattern on the paper.
  2. One at a time, remove each note , write a target word in the space, and replace the sticky note.  Mark some spaces with a sticker or picture.

How to Play:

Students pick a space, remove the sticky and say the word they uncovered.  If they say the word correctly or use it in a sentence correctly, they get to put the sticky note in front of them.  If not, they re-cover the space with the sticky note.  If they uncover a sticker/picture space, they keep the sticky note and go again (bonus sticky!).  When all of the spaces are uncovered, have students count up their sticky notes.  The one with the most wins!


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