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Spot It! Say It! Pages for CH Sound

Spot It! Say It! Pages for CH Sound
Want some easy-peasy print-and-go articulation pages? These pages are fun for students, easy for you, and productive for your sessions. They come in 3 levels for initial and final “ch” and are available in both color and black and white versions. They also make great home program materials.

When using with groups who are all working on the same sound, say the word you want the students to find and then have them take turns saying it and marking it off.  When using with groups of students that are working on different sounds, give each student a Spot It! Say It! page for his/her sound.  Tell each student which picture you would like them to find, and then have them say it and mark it (e.g., cross it out, cover it with a bingo chip) and then check the box for that word.

The black and white pages can also be used by having the students color the pictures after they’ve found them.

If you would like to make the pages reusable, laminate them and have the students mark the picture and check the checkbox with a wet or dry erase marker.

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