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Valentine’s Day Speech Hearts

Valentine's Day Speech Hearts
If you want Valentine’s Day themed words for your speech therapy students, look no further!  Here are 100 cards with speech sound words on hearts that can be used as stimuli for most of your Valentine’s Day activities. Use them as a matching game, as stimuli with our Valentine’s Day game board, or as words to hide around the room for your students to find!

They include words with the following sounds in various positions:

  • 10 cards for /p, b/
  • 10 cards for/m, n/
  • 20 cards for/t, d/
  • 10 cards for/f, v/
  • 10 cards for/s, z/
  • 10 cards for/k, g/
  • 10 cards for/l/
  • 20 cards for “r sounds”
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