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Conversation Hearts for Pragmatics

Conversation Hearts for Pragmatics
With these conversation hearts, your students can practice discriminating the social appropriateness of messages for different audiences.  There are 50 conversation heart messages and 10 blank hearts for you to customize with your own messages.  There are also cards and sorting mats included for 3 possible recipients (i.e., valentine, teacher, and mother).

Ideas for Use:

  • Print out the conversation hearts and 4 copies of the recipient cards page and cut them apart.  Place them in 2 separate piles.  Have the students pick a card from each pile and determine whether or not the message on the conversation heart is appropriate for the recipient (e.g., “You’ve got class” and teacher… “Yes, that message is appropriate”).
  • Students can pick a message card, read it, and place it on the sorting mat of the most suitable recipient.

If you find another way to use these materials, please share it with others in the comment section!

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