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Swarm the Farm for S Sound

Swarm the Farm for S Sound

This game is a fun way to practice articulation sounds at the word level with an individual student or a group. Grab the game boards, calling cards, and bee pieces (or something else to cover the hexagons with), and you’re ready to play!

Give each student a game board and bees (or bingo chips, etc.) and place the calling cards face down on the table. When a word is picked and read aloud, the students say it, find it on their boards and cover it up. There are two of each word on the boards, so the first time a word is called, the student can choose which one to cover, which introduces a bit of strategy to the game.

When all of the hexagons surrounding a picture are covered, the student has “swarmed” it and can cover the picture. The goal of the game is to be the first one to swarm three items.

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