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S Cluster Therapy Ideas

Stop Sign

Here are some great ideas for working on s clusters! They were submitted by Angel Reaux, a graduate student at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Thank you, Angel! Use I Spy books or puzzles or put pictures of s cluster objects on the wall and play “I Spy” games. Use a puppet spider and have […]

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Sam the Snake – A Friendly Little Therapy Helper

Sam the Snake

Who is Sam? “Ssssam” is my new best friend for working on the “s” sound with children.  He is simply a sock puppet that I made with my sons and recently took to work.  And he was a hit!   What do you do with Sam? I use Sam is different ways depending on the […]

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“S” – The Super Sound

Superman Logo

I actually get excited about working on the “s” sound with children!  It’s really a “super sound” that when corrected can dramatically improve a child’s speech.  So, if you have clients that are stopping, deleting, lisping, or otherwise distorting /s/, get excited about the difference you can make! Why is /s/ such a super sound? […]

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