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Cookie Sorting By Sound Position

Cookie Sorting by Sound Position

This printable is a fun, cookie-themed sorting activity that can be used to promote phonemic awareness. You can practice phonemic awareness to help with speech articulation or early reading skills. It can be incorporated into your Christmas-themed activities too! In this game, students say…

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Spring Sentences For “SH” Sound

Spring Sentences for “SH” Sound

The "quiet sound" can be tricky when it's in various positions of words in sentences.  Give your students practice with these spring-themed cards!  They can be used as stimulus cards for most activities and games including the Springtime Game Board.…

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Football Game With Speech Sound Cards

Football Game with Speech Sound Cards

It's fall, and it's football season!  Score a great session with your students!  This game can be used with any age group to work on a wide variety of skills.  There are football related speech sound words included, but you…

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Fall Sentences For SH Sound

Fall Sentences for SH Sound

If you need materials to practice the "sh" sound, look no further!  Here are some fall-themed "sh" sound sentences that are great for working on "sh" in all positions at the sentence level. Each of the 20 cards has a…

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Popcorn Cards For SH Sound

Popcorn Cards for SH Sound

These speech sound popcorn pieces can be used in a variety of popcorn-themed activities including Pass the Popcorn and The Great Popcorn Race game. They include words with the target sound in initial, medial, or final positions and are available…

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