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Comparing With Spring Animals

Comparing with Spring Animals

Springtime animals are ready to help your students practice their basic comparing skills! These pages are perfect for working on "bigger, smaller, biggest, and smallest" for both receptive and expressive tasks. The first page has three sets of three different…

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Feed A Frog Therapy Idea

Feed a Frog Therapy Idea

This quick and easy-to-make frog container is a cute way to get your students motivated to practice their speech and language skills. Your students will be eager to feed him their speech and language cards or plastic flies! What you…

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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt For Articulation

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Articulation

It's springtime, which means I want to be outside as much as possible! Don't you just feel like the outdoors are calling you (and your students) to go exploring? Next time you're given an opportunity, take your students outside for…

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Spring Card Game For Naming Skills

Spring Card Game for Naming Skills

It's time for some quick thinking! See if your students can name enough items in these spring categories to earn all of their points. If they don't, the other team might steal them! This game is quick, portable, and fun!…

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