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Circus Theme – Basic Set

Circus Theme - Basic Set

Circus Theme – Basic Set

This basic set includes:

  • Ideas and instructions for the enclosed materials
  • Circus Dice Game picture cards and key
  • Circus game board
  • Cotton candy reinforcement page
  • Popcorn reinforcement page
  • Circus vocabulary bingo boards (4) and calling cards
  • Opposites game board
  • Parts of speech circus word cards (60) and sorting pages
  • Worksheets for matching contractions
  • “Ringmaster Says” following directions cards (20)
  • Number sequencing page
  • Circus animals printable for preposition skills
  • Circus-related picture cards (20)
  • Blank balloon matching cards
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  1. This is fantastic! I am using the opposites gameboard with some of my kiddos and it is exactly what I have needed! This and the farm animal set are both awesome! :)

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