Vocalic “R” – Basic Set

Vocalic "R" - Basic Set

Vocalic "R" - Basic Set

This basic set includes:

  • Ideas and instructions for the enclosed materials
  • Picture cards for medial and final “er” and “ar” (60)
  • Picture cards for “or” and “air” (30)
  • Connect games for medial “er”, final “er”, medial “ar”, medial “or”, medial “air”, and   medial and final “ear” combined (6)
  • Turtle game board
  • “er” food word cards (20)
  • “er” fill-in story
  • “ar” safari game board
  • “or” rhymes
  • Word lists for “er” (medial and final), “ar”, “or”, “air”, “ear” words

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