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Football Flick Reinforcement Game

Football FlickI’m bringing back a classic from my childhood with this game! With simple materials, you can have some field goal fun with your students to reinforce the effort they’ve made during their therapy session. What else is great about this game?  It’s portable, uses fine motor skills, and doesn’t need batteries!

What you need:

  • 4 craft sticks
  • yellow paint, highlighter, or marker
  • glue
  • a piece of brown paper (You can use regular paper and color the final product with a marker if you prefer.)
  • scissors
  • tape, clay, or poster putty to secure the field goal to the table

What to do:

  1. Color or paint the craft sticks yellow.
  2. Glue the craft sticks together to make the field goal post. I used a hot glue gun, which cut down the drying time.
  3. Cut the paper in thirds lengthwise so that you have 3 long strips of paper approximately 3″ by 11″.  You only really need one piece to make the triangular football, but can make extra footballs with the other two pieces.
  4. Place the piece of paper in front of you so that it looks like an “I”.  Fold the bottom edge of the paper so that it’s even with the side of the paper, creating a triangle. Fold the triangle upward, keeping the side edge on the same side. Continue folding the paper in a diagonal then upward pattern until you only have a small amount of paper left.  Either tuck that extra flap of paper into the open edge of the football or tape it down.
  5. Secure the field goal post to the table by taping it to the edge or sticking it in dough, putty, or clay.

How to use:

  1. Once your students have completed a set number of speech or language tasks, they earn 3-5 attempts to score a field goal.  I recommend doing some tasks, flicking the football, doing more tasks, then flicking some more footballs, etc. until your session is over.
  2. During each field goal attempt, have the student hold the football with his/her index finger on one point of the long side of the triangle with the other point on the table.  This should make the right angle of the triangle face the field goal.
  3. The student then flicks the long edge of the football with the other hand, trying to get the football to go up and through the field goal posts, earning three points.
  4. Because this task may be challenging to some students, you can also assign points for just hitting the goal post or for getting the football to go a certain distance.

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