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Animal Alliteration Activity

Alliteration Activity Cards

Why Work with Words? Playing with sounds can be so much fun when using alliteration.  For speech therapy groups it’s great for phonemic awareness and fun sound practice.  Develop better writing and vocabulary skills with your language therapy groups as well. Alliteration Animals and Actions Use these cards to get your students started with alliteration.  […]

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Initial Sound Matching Cards

Initial Sound Matching Picture Cards

Phonemic Awareness Awareness of phonemes, the smallest units of sound, is important for reading and working on speech sounds.  You can help your students work on one of the earliest phonemic awareness tasks by matching words that have the same initial sound. Included are 10 pairs (20 picture cards) of words that begin with the […]

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Dr. Seuss Rhyming Cards for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Dr. Seuss Rhyming Cards for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Celebrate Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss made reading fun and fanciful for kids of all ages with imaginative creatures and nonsensical words.  Celebrate his birthday on March 2nd with activities based on his books and/or writing style. Dr. Seuss books are known for their rhythm, rhyme, and nonsense words.  You can use them to work on […]

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Valentine Chocolate Box Activity

Valentines Chocolate Box Activity

This activity was sent in by Becky Pearson from The Dalles, Oregon.  She discovered a great way to turn chocolate candy boxes into a fun and flexible therapy activity.  It’s portable and can easily be used with a group of students with different therapy goals. What you need: A chocolate candy box with a divided […]

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Valentine Heart Match Ups

Valentine's Day Heart Match Ups

How can you mend a broken heart? Simple! Find the heart halves with words that go together, and “voila”, you’ve saved Valentine’s Day!  Your students can work on synonyms, antonyms, or Valentine words that go together, such as flowers and vase! What you need: Heart shaped papers with word pairs on them, cut in half, […]

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Rearranging Sentence Parts – Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Rearranging Sentence Parts

Use this hands-on activity to help your students rearrange statements into questions.  Students are able to physically manipulate the sentence parts, giving them a chance to try them in various positions before deciding on an answer.  Included are instructions, four pages of cut-apart sentences, and an answer sheet. The sentences are based on a Valentine’s […]

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