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Animal Alliteration Activity

Animal Alliteration Activity

Why Work with Words?

Playing with sounds can be so much fun when using alliteration.  For speech therapy groups it’s great for phonemic awareness and fun sound practice.  Develop better writing and vocabulary skills with your language therapy groups as well.

Alliteration Animals and Actions

Use these cards to get your students started with alliteration.  There are 30 animal cards and 30 action cards included.  You can start the students with just the animal cards, which have a picture of an animal with a written prompt underneath, such as “P__ the pig”.  Once they give the animals alliterative names, the students can find action cards to go with them and fill in their blanks.  When read together, the cards could say something like “Patty the pig picked pretty petunias.”

Once the students get the hang of alliteration with these cards, they’ll be making up their own in no time!

Activity cards include:

  • 30 animal cards
  • 30 action cards
  • sounds: a, b, c, “ch”, d, f, g, h, l, m, o, p, s, “sh”, t, w
  • clusters: fl, fr, sn, sp

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