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Valentine Chocolate Box Activity

Valentines Chocolate Box ActivityThis activity was sent in by Becky Pearson from The Dalles, Oregon.  She discovered a great way to turn chocolate candy boxes into a fun and flexible therapy activity.  It’s portable and can easily be used with a group of students with different therapy goals.

What you need:

  • A chocolate candy box with a divided plastic insert
  • Colored dot stickers (like those used for garage sale pricing)
  • Miniature items (e.g., erasers, pennies)

What to do:

  1. Write either “3”, “5”, “Wh”, “S” or “?” on the stickers and place them in the holes.
  2. On each student’s turn, have him/her throw a miniature item into the box and complete the task you’ve assigned for that sticker.  See sample tasks below.

Speech – Say targeted sound/word 3 or 5 times (3,5) ; create a sentence (S), answer a “Wh” question (Wh); choose any task (?)

Language – Name 3 adjectives for an item (3); list 5 items in a given category (5), create a sentence (S), answer a “Wh” question (Wh); choose any task (?)

Thank you, Becky for sending in this idea!

If you have an idea that you would like to share on our website, send it to support@speechtherapyideas.com  We are currently only accepting therapy ideas and not printable materials.

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  1. I have similar game. put laminated pieces with a command. It could be all artic or language or “wh” in th spaces. Students toss a dice into the spots, and follow the command. I call it speech toss.

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