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Top 5 Printable Speech and Language Therapy Materials

Top 5 Printable Materials for Speech and Language Therapy

SpeechTherapyIdeas.com was created to provide Speech-Language Pathologists with fresh therapy ideas and reduce their therapy preparation time. If you are not a Speech Therapy Ideas member you are probably spending too much time preparing for therapy and making your own materials. Here is a list of the top 5 printable therapy materials our members are using to save time, keep students engaged, and have more fun!

You can stop wondering what you are going to do with your students and print our therapy materials in a minute. Members get access to printable therapy materials for the length of their membership period. Starting at $4.99, our memberships are affordable for everyone. Check out our membership page to watch our demo video, review our membership plans, and read our 110% money back guarantee: http://www.speechtherapyideas.com/membership/

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1. Home Program – Basic Set

Home Program - Basic SetThis set of materials makes home programs easier for you to make and easier for parents and students to complete. What could be better?!

Included are instructions for the SLP to give to parents, along with home program materials for language development, /s/, and /l/. For the speech sounds, there are practice calendars, picture cards, picture charts, and a game board.

For additional language materials, /r/, “er”, /k/, and “th” home program activities, check out the Home Program Expansion Set.

Check out this therapy material: Home Program – Basic Set
Related materials: Home Program – Expansion Set

2. Pirate Game Board with Cards

Pirate Game BoardBeware of pirates and obstacles as you make your way around Pirate Island! Will you find gold coins and move forward…or will you get lost in a dark cave and have to go backward?

Use this game with all of your seafaring students by using any stimuli you want. Included are instructions, a game board, and 16 different playing cards.

Check out this therapy material: Pirate Game Board with Cards
Related materials: Pirates Theme – Basic Set

3. Vivid Verbs Mini Set

Vivid Verbs Mini SetHelping your students upgrade their verbs from “boring verbs” to “vivid verbs” can improve their written and verbal sentences tremendously. By teaching them to use more specific verbs, they’ll be able to create images in their reader or listener’s mind.

This set includes a pre-test worksheet that can be used to get a sample of the verbs your students use. Then use the 50 word cards, 10 sorting pages, vivid verb lists, and 4 worksheets to practice with your students. Finally, use the post-test worksheet to see their progress.

Check out this therapy material: Vivid Verbs Mini Set

4. Initial Sound Matching Cards

Initial Sound Matching Picture CardsAwareness of phonemes, the smallest units of sound, is important for reading and working on speech sounds. You can help your students work on one of the earliest phonemic awareness tasks by matching words that have the same initial sound.

Included are 10 pairs (20 picture cards) of words that begin with the same sound. They are available in color and black and white.

Check out this therapy material: Initial Sound Matching Cards

5. Rhyming Fill-in Story Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham

Rhyming Fill-in Story Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. SeussGreen Eggs and Ham is the best selling Dr. Seuss book and a favorite rhyming story for many young readers. This classic book encourages children to try something new because they may discover that they enjoy it. You can read this book with your students before completing the fill-in story, which may help them become more familiar with poetic rhythm and rhyme.

Students will identify rhyming words and then use them to fill-in the blanks and complete our story Why Not Steak or Maybe Cake?, which was inspired by Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.

Check out this therapy material: Rhyming Fill-in Story Inspired by Green Eggs and Ham

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