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Build a Basket in Therapy Using Easter Sentences

Sentences for Easter Egg BasketUse Easter and spring sentences to build a basket

These sentences make it easier to work with a group of students who are focused on different sounds or skills.  Every sentence contains the /k/, /l/, /s/, and “r” sounds.  The sentences can also be used to identify parts of speech.  There are 25 Easter sentences and 25 spring sentences available for members.

What you need:

  • Sentences printed on green paper and cut apart into strips.  (You can wrap the pieces around your finger or a pencil if you want to make them curly.)
  • Large bowl or basket
  • Plastic eggs

What to do:

  1. Pass out the sentence strips to the students.
  2. Place the bowl or basket in the middle of the table.
  3. During each turn, the students read a sentence, focusing on their sound or language skill, and then add the paper strip to the bowl or basket.  If they say their sound or answer accurately, give them half of a plastic egg.
  4. Once all of the sentence strips are in the bowl or basket, have the students put their eggs together (trading parts with others if needed) and place them on top of the “grass”.

There are many variations of this activity that you can do by placing stimuli or points in the eggs and giving them out whole, having the students name an Easter or spring word with their sounds before adding their eggs, etc.

Leave a comment to share with us how you used the sentence strips in therapy.

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