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St. Patrick’s Day Activities with Lucky Charms Cereal

St. Patrick's Day Activities with Lucky Charms CerealWho doesn’t love marshmallows in their cereal? And have you seen your students’ eyes light up when you bring food into therapy? If your with me on these two things, Lucky Charms cereal just may need to make an appearance into your therapy sessions…and there’s no better time than St. Patrick’s Day! So, what can you do to work these “magically delicious” items into your sessions? Here are a few ideas…

Sort, count, graph, compare

Math activities are definitely the most popular that you’ll find if you do an online search. And while our students’ goals may not say, “Johnny will sort and graph Lucky Charms cereal with 80% accuracy in 2 of 3 sessions,” some of our students are working on math vocabulary concepts such as “more,” “less,” and “altogether.” They may also need to learn to compare and sort items. You can get free printables to work on these concepts at teachingheart.net

Speech sound sentences

Have your students pick a marshmallow out of a bowl or baggie of cereal. Then have them say a sentence with their sound that talks about the marshmallow they picked. For example…

  • /l/ sound – “Lucky leprechaun! I have a blue moon!” or “Look! Look! I picked a balloon!”
  • “sh” sound – “I got a sugary marshmallow shaped like a horseshoe!”

Game markers

Lucky Charm marshmallows can also be used as markers for board games or Bingo. Here are two St. Patrick’s Day game boards you could use:

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