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St. Patrick’s Day Syllable Count

St. Patrick's Day Syllable Count

Get ready to tap and clap the syllables for St. Patrick’s Day words with these worksheets! The students or you (for non-readers) read the words and then the students tap out the syllables and color in the picture for the correct number of syllables. For example, “leprechaun” has three syllables, so the shamrock with the “3” would be colored in. For the interactive file, students click on the clover with the number of syllables. If it’s correct, the clover will color in. There are 24 St. Patrick’s Day words included.

To save ink and paper, you can…

  • do this activity together and have your students take turns coming up and coloring one copy.
  • laminate a few sets of these and have students color them with dry erase markers (and then clean them after you’ve gone over them).
  • print a few sets and have students mark their answers with a gold coin or other themed markers.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used in teletherapy. This file can only be used in PowerPoint due to limitations in Google Slides. Make sure to use this file in slide show mode.

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