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Fall Speech Set

Fall Speech SetBe ready for fall with this sound-loaded speech set.  It’s packed with fall themed games, speech sound word cards, and speech sound sentences to use with your articulation groups.

Included in this set:

3 Fall Games

  • Fall on the Farm Game Board
  • Fall Leaves Game Board
  • Falling Leaves Game including instructions, tree page, leaf page, and dice page

140 Fall Speech Sound Word Cards

  • 20 cards for /s/
  • 20 cards for /l/
  • 20 cards for prevocalic /r/ and blends
  • 20 cards for vocalic /r/
  • 20 cards for /k/
  • 20 cards for /p/, /b/, /m/
  • 20 cards for /f/, /v/

140 Fall Speech Sound Sentence Cards

  • 20 cards for /k/, /g/
  • 20 cards for /l/
  • 20 cards for /r/ sounds
  • 20 cards for /s/, /z/
  • 20 cards for SH sound
  • 20 cards for TH sounds
  • 20 cards for /f/, /v/

The speech sound sentence cards are great for working on the target sound(s) in all positions at the sentence level. The number of target sounds in the sentence is indicated on the card, which can be used to track data or can be used as points or moves on a game board.

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