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Super Set for S Sound

Super Set for S Sound

This set of materials really is what the title says… a SUPER set! Need picture cards? Check. Need sentences? Check. Want some games and activities? It’s got those too!  In fact, this super set comes with all of the following items:

  • Instructions and ideas for use page
  • Picture cards
  • Word cards
  • Game boards
  • Silly Soup activity
  • Practice grids
  • Rebus sentences
  • Sound sentences
  • Picture boards with directions to follow
  • Scavenger hunt page
  • Connect games
  • Tic Tac Toe games

Some of these items have been available on our website before, but never like this. With new and updated materials, this set has everything you need in one easy download. Just choose color or black and white line drawings (or both if you want) and print your copy now.

Note:  Pages 1-16 are landscape orientation and pages 17-46 are portrait.

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