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Cut And Glue For S Sound – Snowball Fight

Cut and Glue for S Sound – Snowball Fight

  • November 15, 2022

Here's a fun material to use with your students! Make speech a hands-on activity with these cut and glue pages. Students say the target word when they cut out the picture and again when they glue it to a snowball.…

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Guessing Game – S Sound

Guessing Game – S Sound

  • October 30, 2022

This clue-based guessing game makes working on the "s" sound fun! Students try to figure out the /s/ words with as few clues as possible.  They can play in teams or individually.  A game board is also provided, but the…

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Spider Building With SP Words

Spider Building with SP Words

  • September 30, 2022

With this interactive material, students build spiders while practicing initial /sp/ words.  There are 20 /sp/ words and 20 spider body parts included in each of the two separate interactive files types. Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version…

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Treasure Hunt Game Boards For S Sound

Treasure Hunt Game Boards for S Sound

Add these game boards to your SLP treasure chest and make pirate-themed therapy even more fun!  Your students who are working on /s/ words can go from the map to the treasure chest by following the /s/ pictures.  There are…

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Mazes For S Sound

Mazes for S Sound

  • July 27, 2022

Here's an a-MAZE-ing speech game for practicing /s/ in your sessions as well as at home. As students go through the mazes, they practice the /s/ words that they pass along the way! There are three different mazes included, one…

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