Easter Bunny Activity with Free Printable

Easter Bunny ActivityHere is a simple and versatile activity for Easter or springtime sessions.

What you need (for each student):

  • bunny scene printable
  • 10 cotton balls
  • glue
  • crayons (optional)

What to do:

Give the student a cotton ball each time he/she answers a question or practices a sound, until all ten cotton balls are earned. Then let the student glue one cotton ball on a bunny’s body after each of the next ten turns. Doing it this way helps motivate the student for twenty turns!

If you are working with a group, occupy those who are waiting for their turns by letting them color their scenes.

Bunny Scene Printable

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Have a happy Easter!

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  • kathy

    Thank you for the speech activities.

  • Ashley


    I can not get the bunny printable to come up. is there any other way I can access the activity?

  • Kerry

    Is anyone else having trouble opening the easter bunny scene printable? When I click on the link, it says “Whoops, the page is not here.”

  • Kerry

    Just got to it from the printables tab. Looks like my kids will love it. Can’t wait to use it tomorrow!

  • The link you were trying to use has been fixed. Sorry for the confusion. Please try it again :)


  • Glad you were able to access the printable. The bad link has been fixed. I hope you are enjoying our website and materials.