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“Take a Peek” at this Therapy Idea

Here’s a way to make practicing words and sentences more fun and “focused” without spending time or money on it’s preparation. The activity is simple, but makes practice seem like a game. And since the materials don’t cost anything, you can let the child take it home to encourage carry-over.

– a cardboard tube from a paper towel or toilet paper roll for you and each child (decorating is optional)
– stimulus cards or pictures

Word level – Have the child look through a tube at stimulus cards (or around the room to find objects with the target sound) and then say the word.

Sentence level – Depending on what level you are working on, the child could simply say, “I see a __.” or a more complex sentence such as “The __ is next to the window.”

Groups – Play the game “I Spy” with the tubes and have the children guess what the person has spotted. Be sure to let them know what sound is being targeted.

Extra ideas:
Use this activity in pirate, explorer, and astronomy themes.

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  1. Hello,
    I stumbled by pure (and lucky!) chance to your website and since I subscribed to your letter, I keep waiting for it week after week wondering what brilliant ideas you will be sharing next with your readers and I must say so far I was never disappointed, great job really. You are a living example that all what our profession needs is patience and LOTS of creativity!
    Thank you for this wlast idea! I will definelty used it with my patients! Have a good day!

  2. Hi-
    I fortunately found your website through an email and I am thrilled! Funny thing is that I have been saving paper towel rolls to create some sort of spring arts & craft project but I wasn’t sure yet what I was going to do. I found your therapy idea for target vocabulary words through use of these tubes as a “spy glass”. Children love to pretend and decorate items, making them their own. I can’t wait to engage them while still completing therapy tasks. Thanks for this. Will visit soon.

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