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On the School Bus – Speech and Language Therapy Activity

On the School Bus Activities
These great, hands-on materials can be used for a wide range of activities for both speech and language skills!  Included are instructions for articulation and following directions activities, a full-page school bus, 20 color pictures of children, 40 color pictures of objects, 8 word strips, and 30 directions to follow.

For articulation practice of initial /s/, /l/, /k/, and “sh”, there are word strips with the names of children and objects.  Your student gets to pick a child’s picture to go with the name on the word strip, place it in the window of the bus, and then find and place the object that goes with him/her below the word strip.  Then they can practice articulation skills at the word, phrase, and sentence levels (e.g., “Sally brought a seal to school.”).  The word strips can easily be changed to work on different sounds without having to print a new school bus for each sound!

For a following directions activity, the students place pictures of children that match a given description in the correct place on the school bus (e.g., “Put the boy with a yellow shirt in the seat closest to the door.”).  Make sure to have the directions you want the students to follow either printed out or in front of you when you use the interactive version. The students will then move the children into the correct place on the bus.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used in teletherapy. The file can be uploaded to Google Slides or opened in PowerPoint and then shared with the student. In order for the drag-and-drop pieces to work, make sure you are NOT in presentation mode. If you are using PowerPoint, you’ll need to enable editing.

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