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Correcting /k/ – Expansion Set

Correcting /k/ - Expansion Set

Correcting /k/ – Expansion Set

This expansion set includes:

  • Picture cards for initial, medial, and final /k/ (30)
  • Suitcase page for a “packing” activity
  • Minimal contrast (t/k) picture cards for initial and final positions (20)
  • Tim’s Summer Vacation story highlighting the initial t/k minimal contrast pairs
  • Chart picture pages for initial and final /k/ (2)
  • Bingo boards with final /k/ pictures and a calling card page (5)
  • Rebus sentence pages for final /k/ (2)
  • That’s Some Hair fill-in story with initial /k/ word choices
  • File in pdf file format (25 pages)

This expansion set includes 22 printable pages of materials. This set is a supplement to the Correcting /k/ – Basic Set.

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