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Antonyms Activity and Printable

Antonym AntsWhat a great way to help kids remember that antonyms are opposite words! When I saw these adorable “ant”onyms at one of my schools I knew I had to tell you about them. The creator of the ants pictured here, Renee Cottrell, gave me permission to share them with you.

The idea is simple…make a connection between ants and opposite words. There are a number of ways to do this depending on the ages of the students you work with, how crafty you want to be, and how much time you want to devote.

Here are some examples of things you can do:

  • Print out the ants printable and write one word of an antonym pair on each ant and have the students match up the ants that go together. You can then hang the pairs of ants around the room or on a bulletin board!
  • Help the students make ants out of egg cartons (like in the picture) and attach pairs of antonyms.
  • Make ants out of black or red paper, write antonym words on the two body sections, and cut the sections apart. Have the students match up the body parts that go together and attach them using tape, glue, or brads.

Do you have ideas for antonyms? Share them with others in the comments section.

Free printable “ant”onym page

Have fun!

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