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Christmas Picture Cards

Christmas Picture CardsThese Christmas picture cards have so many uses that you’ll be able use them to for almost every group.  Print one or two sets of these 40 picture cards in black and white or color and use them today!

With one set of cards you can work on…

  • naming vocabulary words
  • using the words in sentences
  • sorting the words into categories
  • describing the pictures with three attributes each
  • answering “wh” questions (Where is it found?  What do you do with it?)

Print two sets of the cards and…

  • work on matching or same vs. different
  • play “Go Fish” to work on turn taking, asking and answering questions, and even describing (Have older students ask questions such as “Do you have the sack that has two presents?”)
  • play concentration and have students use the words in a sentence

Leave us a comment if you find another way to use these picture cards.

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