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Language Worksheet and Group Activity for Always, Sometimes, and Never

Language Worksheet and Activity for Always, Sometimes, NeverWorking on “always”, “sometimes”, and “never” can be tricky if your students have limited background knowledge about certain topics.  For example, if your students are unfamiliar with earth-space science, they may not be able to accurately answer whether the planets always, sometimes, or never orbit the sun.  It’s for this reason that I’ve made a worksheet with statements that only require basic background knowledge, such as “Pizzas have pepperoni on them.”

Worksheet vs. Activity

You can use the materials provided in two different ways.  You can use the worksheet as a handout or you can turn it into a group activity.  To make it a group activity, provide the students with the “always”, “sometimes”, “never” response cards included.  Say a statement aloud, have the students hold up their answers, and allow the students to explain their answers if there is any disagreement.  You can make it competitive by giving a point for each correct answer if you’d like.

A worksheet with 20 statements, an answer sheet, and student response cards are included.  These materials are available for our members.  Become a member today and have immediate access to our materials.

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