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Caterpillar Language Activity for Neither, Either, and Both

Caterpillar Language Activity for Neither, Either, and Both

Some language impaired students need direct, specific instruction for learning concepts such as “neither”, “either”, and “both”.  Use this cute caterpillar activity to teach and reinforce the meanings of these terms.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used in teletherapy. The file can be uploaded to Google Slides or opened in PowerPoint and then shared with the student. In order for the drag-and-drop pieces to work, make sure you are NOT in presentation mode. If you are using PowerPoint, you’ll need to enable editing.

How to use the printable materials

After reading a card or rebus sentence, your student puts the two food items listed in front of him.  Then he decides what to give to the caterpillar.  For example, if the student gets a card that reads, “The caterpillar eats either the celery or the pickle,” he should get the celery and the pickle and then place only one of the two food choices listed in front of the caterpillar.  You can have the student explain the move by saying, “The caterpillar only eats the celery”.

If the sentence says, “The caterpillar eats neither the potato nor the corn,” the student still picks the two food items, but does not give them to the caterpillar.  He explains that the caterpillar does not get any food.  If the sentence says that the caterpillar eats both, the student gives both food pictures to the caterpillar.

A caterpillar,  20 food items, 30 cards, 18 rebus sentences, a reference page, and instructions for the activity are included.

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