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A Not-So-Despicable Comparing Activity

Despicable Me MinionMinions!!!  Thanks to the Despicable Me movies, we now think of minions as adorable, entertaining beings that easily make you smile.  So put a smile on your students’ faces while they practice comparing and contrasting!

If you don’t have photos or figurines of minions, you can have your students draw their own, which may actually be even more fun!  They can then work in pairs to compare and contrast them before passing their minions on to the next pair of students.  Of course, you can always do this as a group activity as well.

If you’d like, you can first describe the minions and then find the characteristics that are alike and those that are different.  You can then have the students fill in a Venn Diagram or write the similarities and differences in sentence form.

Have fun!

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