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What Goes in My Backpack? – Initial Sound Matching Activity

What Goes in My Backpack? – Initial Sound Matching ActivityDo your young students need practice matching words with the same initial sound?  If so, here is a fun school-themed activity that is completely picture based.

Why is this important?

Awareness of the sounds in words is important for speech articulation and for literacy.

What to do:

Place a picture on the star of a backpack.  Have the student find the pictures whose initial sound is the same as the one you chose and place them on the backpack.  You can increase the difficulty by having additional backpacks with different sounds for them to choose from.

The printable materials for this activity include backpack pictures to use as work spaces (available in 6 different colors), pictures to match (5 pictures for each of the following initial sounds: /b/, /k/, /f/, /l/, /m/, /t/, /s/), and instructions.  They are available in color and black and white.

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