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Freddy and Fran Frog Storybook and Materials for /fr/ Words

Freddy and Fran Frog Storybook and Materials for /fr/ Words

Let Freddy and Fran Frog help your students practice /fr/ words! Included are a storybook, picture cards, and a practice grid that focus on 10 /fr/ words.

  • The storybook includes pictures of the /fr/ target words above the text so that even emergent readers can “read along” and practice the target words.
  • The picture cards can be used before reading the story to familiarize the students with the words and afterward to reinforce the target words.
  • The practice grid is great for tracking and reinforcing productions of the target words over multiple sessions.  Students love to get a stamp, sticker, or star in each box after they say their word.

Besides being useful in your sessions, these materials can also be sent home for additional practice!  For best results, make sure to share with caregivers how to use the materials you send home.

To make the storybook printed on the front and back of each page:

  1. Print the pages on front and back (duplex setting), preferably on cardstock.
  2. Fold the pages on the center line.
  3. Put the pages in order.
  4. Staple the book together down the left edge of the cover or on the inside fold line of pages 3 & 4 if you have a long-reaching stapler.

To make the storybook with one-sided printing:

  1. Print the pages, preferably on cardstock.
  2. Cut the pages apart along the center line.
  3. Place the pages in order with the cover first and the word checklist last.
  4. Staple the book together down the left edge of the cover.

A special thank you goes out to my sons Luke and Caleb who wrote the Freddy and Fran Frog story.

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