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Matching Initial Sounds – Football Theme

Match Initial Sounds - Football ThemeBecoming aware of sounds is important for both literacy and speech articulation skills.  This football themed therapy material focuses on one of the earliest phonemic awareness skills…the awareness of the initial sound in words.

Materials included:

Included are 16 football sound cards and 64 picture cards.  Each football card has a letter on it, which corresponds to the beginning sound of four picture cards.  The initial sounds included are /b/, /d/, /f/, /g/, /h/, “j”, /k/, /l/, /m/, /p/, /r/, /s/, /t/, “th”, “ch”, and “sh”.  They are available in color and black and white versions.

Ideas for use:

  • Place two or more football cards and the corresponding picture cards in front of the student.  Make sure the student knows what the pictures are and what sound the letter makes.  Have the student place the picture cards on top of the football card with the letter that corresponds with the beginning sound of the pictured word.  Note: the letter “K” on the football card represents /k/ and corresponds with pictures that are spelled with both “c” and “k”.
  • Place a variety of picture cards in front of the student and have him/her identify the pictures that begin with the same sound.  You can start with fewer cards and work up to having a large amount of cards on the table to be matched.

Students love to practice their skills with themes, and they will have a ball with this printable during football season! Save time by including our printable materials into your game plan and help your students have fun getting to the goal line.

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