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Halloween Articulation Bingo

Halloween Articulation Bingo

Working on articulation doesn’t have to be spooky! You can save precious planning time by printing out these Halloween-themed bingo boards for your students working on articulation at the word and sentence level.  Because they are typed words and not pictures, these work best with students who can read or who can at least match the printed word on the calling card to a word on their board. If you are the person calling out the words, have the students say the word as they find it on their board or say a sentence such as, “I found skeleton.”  Every bingo board contains all of the words for that sound, just in a different order. There are 6 bingo boards and one page of calling cards for each set.

The seven bingo sets available address the following sounds:

  • /k/
  • /l/
  • pre-vocalic and vocalic /r/
  • /r/ blends
  • /s/ blends
  • /p/, /b/, and /m/
  • /n/

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