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Multiple Meaning Words – Set 2

Here’s even more practice for your students with another set of 15 multiple meaning words! With so many activities, planning for your sessions has practically been done for you!

There are activities for both receptive and expressive tasks. There are cut and glue pages, matching worksheets and different types of task cards that focus on receptive skills. Expressive skills are targeted with the game board, riddle tasks cards, and sentence writing worksheets. They all use the same 15 multiple meaning words, so your students will get LOTS of targeted practice!

Here’s what’s included in the 33 pages:

  • Instructions and ideas for use
  • Picture cards with definitions
  • Definition cards
  • Cut and glue picture match
  • Cut and glue definition match
  • Definition match worksheets
  • Context clues task cards
  • Definition exclusion task cards
  • Game board
  • Riddle task cards
  • Sentence writing worksheets
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  1. […] Using multiple meaning words is a great way to work on determining the meanings of words based on context clues because your students can’t depend on their knowledge of the words themselves. With these sets of materials, students read a sentence and choose the underlined word’s meaning based on how it was used from three choices. There are 30 sentences included. The printable files are the ones included in the Multiple Meaning Words Set 1 and Set 2. […]

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