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Auditory Discrimination Picture Pairs for Fronting

Auditory Discrimination Picture Pairs for Fronting

It’s important when working on phonological processes that you make sure that the student can tell the difference between correct and incorrect productions. This hands-on activity is a great way to focus on auditory discrimination with minimal contrast pair choice cards.

Each card has a word at the top (e.g., key) and two minimal contrast pair pictures (e.g., key and tea) with marking circles under them. You say the word at the top, and the student indicates his/her picture choice. For the printable materials, they can point to it or mark the circle underneath with a dry erase marker, bingo dauber, or plastic chip. With the interactive file, the student clicks the circle underneath the picture and it will turn green if correct or red if incorrect.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used in teletherapy. This file can only be used in PowerPoint due to limitations in Google Slides. Make sure to use this file in slide show mode.

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