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Halloween Speech Sound Cards

Halloween Speech Sound Cards

  • October 22, 2014

These speech sound cards contain Halloween-themed words and can be used as stimuli for a variety of games and activities.  You can have students find them around the room in the "dark" with flashlights, pull them out of a bag…

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On The School Bus – Speech And Language Therapy Activity

On the School Bus – Speech and Language Therapy Activity

  • September 15, 2014

These great, hands-on materials can be used for a wide range of activities for both speech and language skills!  Included are instructions for articulation and following directions activities, a full-page school bus, 20 color pictures of children, 40 color pictures…

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Spring Sentences For K And G Sounds

Spring Sentences for K and G Sounds

The back sounds /k/ and /g/ can be tricky when taken to the sentence level.  But when your students are ready, these cards will provide just the practice they need.  Each of the 20 cards has a spring related sentence…

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Popcorn Cards For K Sound

Popcorn Cards for K Sound

These speech sound popcorn pieces can be used in a variety of popcorn-themed activities including Pass the Popcorn and The Great Popcorn Race game. They include words with the target sound in initial, medial, or final positions and are available…

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Fill-in Story For /k/:  Friendship Soup

Fill-in Story for /k/: Friendship Soup

This fill-in-the-blank winter story is a fun way for students to practice /k/ at the word and sentence levels. Have the students pick words from the choices provided or come up with their own. Fill in the story with their…

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