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Word Families – Making Silly and Real Words

Word Families - Making Silly and Real WordsHave fun with your students while creating a variety of words, both silly and real.  Using word families and a variety of letters to place in front of them, your students can make up words just like Dr. Seuss!  There are 30 word family cards, 36 letter tiles, and one page for recording words included.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Give each student a word family card and a few letters.
  2. Taking turns, have the students place a letter tile in front of their word ending and then read the resulting word.
  3. Once they’ve read the word, have them decide if it’s silly or real and record it on the included paper.  You can do this together or have the students keep their own word lists.

Important Note: When working with word families, some sound combinations may create inappropriate words.  Please carefully choose which letter tiles you give a student based on the word family card he or she has.

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