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Halloween Speech Sound Cards

Halloween Speech Sound CardsThese speech sound cards contain Halloween-themed words and can be used as stimuli for a variety of games and activities.  You can have students find them around the room in the “dark” with flashlights, pull them out of a bag or bowl and then roll a die to determine their “scare score” (points), or even have them play a game like war where the word with the most letters in it wins.

The Halloween speech sound cards include the following:

  • 20 /s/ words
  • 20 /l/ words
  • 20 prevocalic /r/ and /r/ blend words
  • 20 vocalic /r/ words
  • 20 /k/ words
  • 20 /p/, /b/, /m/ words
  • 20 /f/, /v/ words
  • 20 /n/ words
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