Halloween Reinforcement Cards

Halloween Reinforcement CardsThese simple Halloween reinforcement cards can be used for a variety of speech and language games. There are five pages of candy corn pictures, one page of ghost pictures, and a printable page of the ideas for using them.

Ideas for use:

Articulation – Mix the cards up and place them upside down in a pile in front of each of the students.  On their turn, the students say a word, phrase, etc. with their targeted sound and then flip over a card.  If it is a candy corn, they say another response and flip another card.  This continues until they flip over a ghost and the next student gets a turn.  You can get a large number of responses this way.

Any target/stimuli – Place the cards in a bucket or bowl.  After the students’ turns, they pick a card.  If it is a candy corn, they keep it.  If it is a ghost, they have to put one of their candy corn pieces back in the bucket.  Whoever has the most candy corn pieces at the end, wins!

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