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Turkey Clothespin Reinforcement Activity

Turkey Clothespin Reinforcement ActivityYour students will have a feathery fun time with this Thanksgiving turkey activity! Use it to keep your students engaged and wanting to produce more correct speech and language responses. You can make a turkey for each student or divide your group into teams that share turkeys.

What you need for each turkey:

  • brown paper (2 different colors if possible)
  • yellow paper
  • red paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • googly eyes
  • 10 clothespins
  • paint or markers to color the clothespins

What to do:

  1. Cut the brown paper into two different size circles. You can trace around bowls or food containers to make cutting a circle easier.  My circles have 4″ and 6″ diameters.
  2. Cut out a triangle (for the beak) and two feet out of the yellow paper.
  3. Cut out a piece of the red paper for the snood that goes on the beak.
  4. Glue the beak, eyes, and snood onto the small brown circle. Glue the small circle onto the large circle and then glue the feet to the back of the large circle.
  5. Color or paint the clothespins.

How to use it:

Students earn clothespins for successfully completing speech and language tasks, which they get to add to their turkey like feathers. If you use 10 clothespins, it makes keeping data much easier. Just count how many each student has earned after 10 turns and multiply that by 10 to get their percent correct (e.g., Hanna earned 8 clothespins after 10 rounds = 80% accuracy). The students can continue to take turns and earn clothespins after that to complete their turkeys.

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